Group(Below 18 Years Old)


Our inspiration was realizing how bored we were during the pandemic and we didn't really have anything to do. So we realized that people need a reliable source of entertainment.

What it does

What this project does is that it gives the user two independent games for them to play, and allows the user to never get bored. The two games are very different, so the player will never feel like they are playing the same game.

How we built it

Everyone split up in order to get things that they were good at doing:

Aaron Hu - Enhancements on Hangman(@Disabled) and 15 Tiles

Aaron Shen - Enhancements on Hangman(@Disabled), 15 Tiles Base Coder, and Artist

Jennifer Duan - GUI, Graphics Design, and 15 Tiles Coder

Manav Jindal - Hangman Base Coder(@Disabled) and Presentation Designer

Challenges we ran into

  • Writing the GUIs
  • Writing the 15 Tiles program from scratch
  • Having to attend most of the workshops at the same time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to write the entire 15 Tiles program from scratch
  • We made 2(1) GUIs, one for Hangman(@Disabled) and one for 15 Tiles

What we learned

Before our next hackathon, we need to be able to reliably write and develop apps and applications in order for our presentation to be better. We also need to be able to write GUIs effectively without running into too many problems.

What's next for Entertainment Edition PT. 1

The next step in this project is to write a PT. 2 with at least 2(3) additional games.

Age Group

Under 18.

Built With

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