Hello. My name is Ruslan, and I am the founder and director of EkoDim Ukraine, a company with 8 years of experience in the installation of solar stations and other renewable energy sources. We have completed various projects, from small residential to large-scale industrial installations, as well as state orders. We have implemented projects on decentralization, monitoring of energy supply, and other advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

The war and bombings of energy facilities in Ukraine by Russia prompted us to rethink and reform the energy network. During the winter, Russia systematically attacked the energy system of Ukraine, destroying or damaging many transformer substations and distribution nodes for electricity. The attacks also targeted thermal power plants, leaving entire large cities like Kyiv without electricity and heat.

All of this pushed us to develop "Energy DAO," a blockchain-based project that brings together renewable energy producers, traditional energy suppliers, consumers, and distribution operators on a single platform.

This union allows for solutions that are inaccessible to the existing (centralized) system, such as: -Real-time tracking of the amount of generated energy and its consumption -Control of energy distribution and automatic disconnection of damaged areas -Information exchange and redistribution of electricity among all market participants. -"Green-oriented" companies can track the production, distribution, and consumption of renewable energy, which helps to ensure that energy is generated from renewable sources. -Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading -NFT Crowdfunding in renewable energy

This project aims to make energy grids decentralized, meaning they are not dependent on a single source of energy. We use modern energy accounting tools, combined with blockchain technology, to provide transparent recording of each step in the energy supply and consumption chain, which reduces the risk of fraud and corruption.

The EnergyDAO project can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the negative image of Proof of Work

What it does

We have created a NFT Crowdfunding platform that will allow you to invest directly into renewable energy projects and stimulate the development of green energy

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