We drew most of our inspiration from the task that had interested us from the very beginning. In cooperation with Dominik Harnisch from ewb we were able to sharpen our vision and start implementing it.

What it does

Our web game gives users a playful insight into how they can use the economic and social aspects of everyday life. Through various interactions within the game, the user is sensitized to the above-mentioned topics in a playful way. Positive, i.e. sustainable or economically meaningful actions are rewarded with a strong point gain, while non-sustainable or wasteful actions only receive few points in return.

How I built it

The web game was built around JavaScript, in addition we used the game engine We used an iterative approach, through hourly meetings we were able to react agilely to change requests, support team members and so work together instead of passing each other by. Challenge partner Dominik Harnisch from ewb was present as a supporting partner and brought along various interesting examples from his work practice.

Challenges I ran into

Some difficulties occurred when linking the tiled-architecture used for mapdesign with the game engine Phaser. Unfortunately the compatibility was not as good as we hoped, so we had to apply a workaround to one corner in particular. This was the result of a team effort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Within the 24 hours given, the team developed a complete, functional solution. This solution already offers various active features in itself, while leaving room for expansion by the challenge partner. All team members are satisfied with the solution, which could be produced in this short time.

What I learned

The whole team already had experience with JavaScript development. The game engine Phaser was unknown to us before the hackathon, still, we read into it and managed to build a functional solution based on this engine, this gave us the opportunity to get to know this engine further, analyze and develop layering systems and strengthen our JavaScript and project management skills.

What's next for Energy World

In cooperation with ewb, we will analyse future steps, present the current solution in detail and derive measures and plans for the near and far future from these actions.

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