This is a major improvement on the Green Charts application hosted at

Uses sample data posted by PG&E and SDG&E on the green button initiative site. Can process various interval usage data like hourly, 30 minutes and 15 minutes. Shows Monthly, Daily and Hourly usage on interactive bar charts using different colors.

Also shown weekends on the daily consumption to compare how weekday usage compares with weekend usage.

Hourly usage can be used to find out 'idle usage' when no one is around, exploring ways to reduce this by say, unplugging major appliances or replacing them. For residential customers, this could mean 8 AM - 5 PM window and for industrial customers, this could imply off hours like 7 PM to 7AM.

PG&E has cost information in some of their sample files. Cost charts are displayed for these. Even in cases with missing cost info, if zip code is present, projected cost is shown using tiered algorithm for various climate zones.

Uses Heat charts to show various usages for easy visualization and comparison including a pressure gauge showing monthly usage.

Comparison charts show more possibilities providing visual comparison charts using various cumulative usages. This can be used for comparing usages in a neighborhood and to explore ways to conserve energy, reducing the cost.

This can be easily extended to upload ones own green button data downloaded from utility portals as shown at

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