It all started with being stuck on the side of the road with no gas and no money. In my moment of misfortune I ended up having to pan-handle relying on the generosity of others. That’s when the lightbulb went off

What it does

Our products are attached to our clients Energy System making them more efficient. The energy our products help our clients save are rebated back to them as a energy token native to the energy they used. That same token can be stored on our DEX so it can be sold, exchanged, or utilized. That same token can also be stored on our NFC cold-storage wallet where our clients can have the full functionality of P2P trading amongst one another.

How we built it

We used Raspberry Pi’s to simulate the extraction of Energy System’s Data while using Blockchain technology to store it

Challenges we ran into

Creating API’s that could extract Energy System Data in a unique and secure way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When we completed the white paper, that was a big step for us. It let us know that our idea was no longer an idea; it was reality

What we learned

That hard work pays off and there’s more work to be done

What's next for Energy Tokenization (Gas) & Energy Exchanges

To be Frank, partnerships and DevOps

We where able to finalize our GAS token model and are working on finalizing our solar electric model. We’re a very VERY small team and need to add more expertise; so there’s a need for team expansion.

Because the GAS token model is finalized, we need to “add value” to it. That’s where partnerships come in. We want to partner with local gas stations around the Pacific Northwest in the United States to get the project off its feet so our early adopters can start using there GAS tokens.

In the long run, we plan to have a token for all types of energy and partnerships with many types of utility companies. Also our project will have full government compliance to avoid complications for our clients and to allow the prosperity of our project.

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