Climate change is not a hoax, but many politicians wants us to believe it is. Climate change is real and we are already seeing the consequences of that phenomenon, recent hurricanes Harvey that flooded Houston, and Irma which resulted in mass evacuations of almost all Floridian residents, are recent examples of the kinds of destruction caused by climate change.

What it does

We built a trading platform where producers and consumers of energy can trade excess energy for the platform's crypto tokens to incentivize the adoption of renewable energy sources among households.

How I built it

node, testrpc, web3, javascript, html, css and bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

"npm install web3" installs latest version of web3 which misses web3.js file. it was several hours past deadline when I realized how to fix the bug, still decided to make a submission.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

learned how to work with testrpc and web3 library.

What I learned

new tools and developments in the ethereum ecosystem

What's next for Energy-on-Ether

I will continue researching it to find better ways to tokenize energy assets.

Built With

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