I study in STEM schools and our project was talking about increasing clean energy sources. We worked on converting human kinetic energy into clean stored energy.

What it does

It is a bracelet containing piezoelectric (piezo: it is a small object that once pressed can convert this pressure into stored energy). So we build a bracelet and put inside it a piezo, a small ball, the battery and conductive wires, and also a barrier between the battery, the piezo and the ball. The human hands move a lot, as soon as they move, the ball will move and press the piezo, generating energy that is stored in the battery

How we built it

In fact, I did not build it because this term has been canceled due to the conditions of Corona, so I developed it and I am entering it in competitions. If it succeeds, I will build it.

Challenges we ran into

Increasing clean energy sources

Accomplishments that we're proud of

how to search and collecting information. searching about ideas and prior solution.

What we learned

How to connect the wires and the complete connections anode and cathode.

What's next for Energy bracelet

We can sell this bracelet for a not much amount. This prototype is not expensive, and through this we can reduce unclean energy and thus solutions to many problems facing the world, such as the ozone layer.

Built With

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