As DER technologies become cheaper (especially the rooftop PV), utility customers will start buying less and less power from the grid. This transition threatens traditional utility's business model and triggers a widespread resistance among utilities around the world.

Instead of resisting the disruptive forces, we believe that the utilities are capable of using their big data to participate and greatly improve the efficiency of the DERs market.

What it does

We start with tackling the rooftop PV market. Our data analytics software takes in a rich set of utility's customer data to identifies utility customers who are the most likely to benefit from installing rooftop PVs (or other DER products).

The utility will then ask these customers their willingness to participate in the marketplace. Once verified, the customer demand will be aggregated and posted on a marketplace where rooftop PV installers (EPC) can compete to sell their products through DER auctions. By aggregating demand and matching the willing customers with the PV installers, our platform greatly reduces PV customer's acquisition cost. This mechanism leads to a lower PV price for customers compared to the case without the marketplace. The remaining profit from the transaction will then be shared among the utility, PV installers, and Energetik.

Therefore, our product not only leads the utilities down a amore DER-friendly path, but also helps reduce the rooftop PV customer acquisition costs that the PV installer and the customers have been suffered from.

How we built it

We build a python-based algorithm takes in a rich information such as customer's load profile, location, weather data, tariff rates, solar support policies, PV cost, to simulate rooftop PV production and compute customer saving from installing rooftop PV. The similar python-based algorithm is used to identify the best customers for the marketplace. The online marketplace for DER is built with javascript.

Challenges we ran into

How to convince the utilities to participate in this service instead of trying to block DERs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Within the disruptive change, there will always be values to be created and shared.

What's next for Energetik

Get utilities to buy in and start building a scale-up version of the algorithm!

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