Inspiration: While on a school visit last year, we were advised that 13 out of 105 Learners in first year (13 year olds) had manifest signs of Suicidal Ideation in the previous 12 months. Subsequent visits to Communal, Occupational, Recreational & Educational life-spaces (sports clubs, workplaces, colleges, etc.) told a similar story among people of all ages and social backgrounds.

What it does: Provide a measurable PQ rating- that is a measure of ‘Personal Wellbeing Intelligence’. As with IQ (Intellectual) & EQ (Emotional) Intelligence, PQ enhances understanding and enables people to give expression to Wellbeing via responsible choices and wholesome lifestyles. These become manifest in a series of life-skills and humanistic capacities that propagate a lasting sense of meaning and purpose.

How I built it: Still building it.

Challenges I ran into: Trying to distill complex information and processes into a single page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This project has the potential to make a massive material difference to the lives of people throughout Ireland and the world.

What I learned: In the absence of an underlying Conceptual Framework, creating a measurable common currency for sports would be impossible.

What's next for EnerEthics - Moulding Better Humans: We're going to continue the building process, before policing a prototype from this October. We've already secured the necessary support for this Pilot, recruiting one of Ireland's County Councils as the initial host, and with the continued support of the GAA, hope to then expand throughout the country before launching into the international market.

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