Millions of students do not have the capability to work from home. They have no desk, no computer, and no workspace to call their own. These students are falling behind and becoming frustrated, disconnected, and chided by the American educational system.

What it does

We are using pythagorean geometry to laser cut, flat pack, and set up desks that children can use to work at home. These will be accompanied by computers that use thin client and PCoIP computing to multiply the effectivness of each computer.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Forming partnerships, picking the best platform to host the website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning more about web development, building confidence to reach out to strangers in the community to build partnerships

What I learned

Systematic challenges require coordinated, systematic approaches. Sometimes these approaches take longer to manifest than "cool" tech

What's next for Enerchi

Solidifying partnerships with community organizations, securing a laser cutter, securing computers Setting up a work study program in the summer Setting up the mill Finding a laser cutting facility that is open Manufacturing plywood

Built With

  • end-computing
  • laser-cutting
  • pythagorean-geometry
  • virtual-machine
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posted an update

It is vital the youth not lose a study year due to lack of access and support resources. We use geometrical construction to build without metal connectors and wood claimed from forest mitigation efforts. Desk are made through a distributive woodshop vendor network model.

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