In the stressful world we live in today, people just want to chill. Since (legal) weed consumers get hungry link, we want to make their relaxation as less disruptive as possible.

What it does

Users need to plan ahead around their desires for weed and their cravings for food and munchies. After smoking, individuals are forced to think hard about their munchies options and coordinate around food options. Our service lets you connect to Weedmaps link to buy legal marijuana and then automatically places an order for you at Weedmaps and then at Amazon Fresh to automatically place an order for some munchies.

How is it evil

We believe in the destructive power of lack of self-control, hence our app is designed to encourage a growing addiction. There are other (subtler) ways in which our app is destructive:

  • We use a recommender system to suggest foods which maximize fat/serving and sugars/serving while minimizing cost and time to reach the client.

Recommender on Github

Challenges we ran into

  • EVERYTHING but primarily Weedmaps/Heroku etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our front-end, our idea and our team spirit

What we learned

  • Nutritive values of different foods
  • how to recommend foods that are most likely to cause a cardiac arrest/long-term heart disease (at least our client can say they died of joy)
  • Weedmaps has a very difficult API, and it's competitors Leafly and Cannabis reports are either closed or empty. This is obviously discounting all of the illegal purchases that are made without registered dealers.

What's next for Endless Munchies

  • Secretly storing credit card information (any specific 10-digit number starting with either a 4 or a 5 is Visa/MasterCard, any card with a CVV > 3 digits is an AmEx card)
  • If our user or a sober companion/close-mate wants to really look at what has happened, we provide a tiny button so that their statistics, past histories are provided. You can see our app sneak on the user effectively.

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