We were inspired to create from the recent Coronavirus outbreak. We wanted to come up with results that would enhance public knowledge about contagious diseases and work on suppressing it in these trying times, without any need for panic. The app aims to monitor users' personal fitness data to anonymously create a real-time heatmap that can help other users be aware of potential threats of contagious diseases spreading in the neighborhood.

The data has been estimated to be so, based on users having high fever, which is the most common symptom in contagious diseases.

What it does

At present, ENDemic has not been fully implemented. We have created a heatmap of individuals with high fever measurements being reported from their wrist bands using real-time data by leveraging Flask framework to create API endpoints to retrieve latest data above a threshold value in body temperature.

How we built it

The mobile application was built in MIT's App Inventor, so Android users can use it, which would help populate the MongoDB servers with location-related information in addition to body measurements (body temperature) from fitness bands. Once the data is populated, the webapp that hosts the real-time heatmap is updated in regular intervals using the Flask API endpoints and an updated heatmap is generated.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to find significant correlation between the sets of data that we were intending to test, hence, we had to generate dummy values to create a user interface. Another challenge that we faced was that we were unable to create a smooth transition of data from API to the heatmap using Leaflet.js. We had to revert back to saving the data in a JSON locally and then retrieve it for the generation of the heatmap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to come up with an innovative idea for the field of healthcare, even if we were not able to see that idea to completion today. We believe that with the next few releases, we can increase the performance, provide a more detailed view of the data present, and with the rise of usage of fitness bands, the future only looks bright.

What we learned

We learned how to use MIT's App Inventor to create an intuitive app that captures real time data without writing a single block of code. Another thing we learned was that Geospatial data used in GIS systems can come in handy for data visualization across large areas, but there is a need for more detailed and planned approach to its analysis.

What's next for ENDemic

We aim to do justice to the idea that we came up with by implementing the system in the right manner. At present, it is not a fully connected system and we plan to improve many things about this system that is in its rudimentary stages.

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