Endeavors is a web app aiming to incentivize individuals to try new crafts such as dance, singing, magic, instruments and etc with a personable coach (AI). Often times, individuals desire to explore a new hobby but can't find the time to do so, or are too scared, and ultimately push the idea away. Endeavors' goal is to encourage users to actually pursue their artistic endeavors by having them submit some money wagering if they will reach their goal or not. Let's say someone want's to learn break dancing and consistently practice for 10 days and is willing to wager $20. If he/she submits a practice video daily, they get their money back after 10 days or the goal time. If not, the user loses the wagered money to charity. In addition to this, a personalized coach using Google Cloud's NLP Dialogflow with Twilio allows for seamless setup process and mentor for the artistic track you chose. The video's are also uploaded to the platform for users in the same track to see, utilizing NLP to summarize other people's feedback for improvement of the artist.

Endeavors is a web app powered via NodeJS, React (Frontend), Python (Flask), AWS and MongoDB (for the databasing of users), and Dialogflow along with Twilio for the coach bot.

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