Endangered Fish

The website and mobile app I create would help people learn about endangered fish and find their living environment.


When I saw my friends playing Animal Crossing, they always went fishing. Sometimes, people don't know the type and name of the fish. Perhaps, they will capture some endangered fish, and eat/sell those fish by mistake.

What it does

The website will display the endangered fishes' images, description, and location. The administrator of the website can add, delete, and edit information on the website.

The app will show fishes images, description. Users can add the location where they currently find the endangered fish.

How I built it

I used Python Django to build the website with basic javascript and bootstrap. I used Google Map API, and I hosted the website with Google Cloud Platform with MySQL database.

Then I used Android with Java to build the app and allow it to communicate with the website I hosted via API call.

Challenges I ran into

I could not find out how to make my Android app communicate with the same database I hosted for the website. I had to spend a lot of time learning how API call works in Android instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I make both the website and the mobile app working!!!!!!!

What I learned

I learned more about fish, and I improve my mobile development skill in general.

What's next for Endangered Fish

Add more endangered fish data. Currently, I only collected data from three endangered fish in Canada.

Make the mobile app to classify the endangered fish from normal fish with Tensorflow Lite mobile. Therefore, people can learn more about fish, and it can prevent fake location data uploading.

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