My inspiration came out after I saw some youtube videos on poaching wildlife animals. It really made me sad and angry at the same time.Thus to stop this kind of acts and also to punish poachers I did this.

What it does

A person interested in buying a pet can write the name of the animal on the website and the database will show all kind of information about that animal thus it helps buyers to know whether the animal is endagered or not.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

We were only two of us participating in hackathon thanks to Lavkush therefore we had less manpowerl and thus it was bit tough..

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I took part in this event and everyone appreciated my work also it felt like I was representing my country.

What I learned

1.I learned many things like presentation and learned many things from event organisers. 2.About endangered animals 3.Trafficking of Wildlife Animal

What's next for End Wildlife Trafficking website

For the updated version there will be a picture recognition system on the website and anyone can take a picture and post it there and know about the animal.

presentation link

source code link

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