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We cannot seem to control people's mentalities, nor the way they wish to send their hateful rhetoric, but with software, we are able to manipulate what they say in order to convert the most devastating of insults to a beautiful compliment that is sure to lighten up someone's day. Even if it's not the cyber bullies.

What it does

It's a fully functioning .api ready to be implemented in mobile and web applications. Takes in a text string and is able to detect foul language and replace it with delightful words such as :fabulous, unicorn, awesome and as well as Shakespearean compliments.

How we built it

Domain.com holds the webpage information, while Google cloud platform provides the ability to run string through a python script and returns a .json response. Spyder was used to build/compile/test the python script.

Challenges we ran into

Domain references, Google App Engine instances, Google App Engine Flexable Environment in order to handle Python 3, Creating a web page that can interact with the .api was particularily a challenge as we had no experience with making http POST method. Getting a .json response proved to be hard as it was different from just simply returning a string, which was what the first version of the .api had done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's our first fully functional api, how can we not be proud? We started off with no knowledge of Google Engine App and their cloud platform and was able to fully implement it to create a fully functional .api. We were also able to implement a web app that returns the filtered text.

What we learned

One of our programmers had never even touched html before the hackathon, but by the end of the first day had bult a complete front end, with some css to spruce up the site a bit. But more importantly we all learned how to collaborate together to make one app. As one of us built the web app, another was figuring out how to do the server side, while another one of us was doing the python scripting, giving us the experience of working on a real project.

What's next for End Cyber Bullying

What he hope to do is then build a community around the .api so that our dictionary and linguistic logic can be intelligent enough to catch foul language, replace it with wording that makes more sense, and catch hateful rhetoric that may be disguised behind special characters, spaces, and numbers to the point that it can be added to young adult social media outlets, video games, children browser applications, and etc.

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