Nowadays there are hacks everywhere, big companies lose our data and we can't do anything. Encrypted Box saves all data with encryption and in a decentralized manner which protects us against these damages that increasingly affect us.

What it does

It allows you to save passwords and notes by organizing them in folders, all in an encrypted way.

How I built it

It is developed on Blockstack ID and GAIA Storage, which allows us to have decentralized blockchain identity and decentralized storage.

Challenges I ran into

Develop a product with a good quality and especially functional. When thinking about decentralized applications, numerous servers come to mind, although Blockstack manages this part very well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Develop the application 100% in the time I set, and I liked the result quite a bit, I hope users like it too.

What I learned

Many things I have learned in this way, from best practices when coding to creating the site together with the domain and the certificate.

What's next for Encrypted Box

I am thinking of adding one more section, such as file storage, I already have the feature of sharing so I think it will be welcome.

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