I would like to "research" freedom technologies - mainly bitcoin, 3d printing and encryption - and I used this weekend about some deeper thoughts about them and to start working on them in a fun way. My idea box was empty for the whole friday but it hit me on saturday and I decided to make a poster in the WW2 propaganda style.

What it does

It just lives in the city, looking at people trying to get their attention until someone takes it down

How I built it

I made a HQ vector version of the propaganda poster and added mr Zuckerbergs head insted of the person listenin (in original it was herr Hitler himslef)

Challenges I ran into

Never really worked as an artist, nor as an illustrator, it was fun to try and interesting expirience, but the enviroment was totally new to me, so the quality of the art is not completely optimal

What's next for ENCRYPT Campaign

Make more posters (to inform people about the dangers of non-encrypted online presence), put them up as an opensource, so that if anyone want to print them (or anything else they might want to do with them, idk)

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