The first time we learned to program, one of my best friends and I decided to create a program that enables the users to send a secret message embedded in a picture of their choice. The idea was to make a cute/girly program for BFFs to send messages to each other. It was geared toward older teens/young adults.

What it does

This program takes in text and a picture of your choice and it embeds the text inside the picture so that you can send it to the recipient securely.

How I built it

My friend and I built it using matlab.

Challenges I ran into

It's harder to see the text embedded on some pictures, depending on the color displayed. The program is fully functional and easy to use, though it could be improved :).

What's next for Steganos

I would like someone to help me turn this program into an iOS and/or Android app. I would also like to create a program to not only embed the text as it is given, but to also scramble the order of the letters for added security. We could make the app as a more general program that appeals to a broader audience or we could stick to the cute/girly app idea. It's up to whoever joins me. I think it's a pretty neat and simple idea!

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