Pearl Hacks 2021 - Encourance 🧘

Inspiration 💡

Learning and working remotely for the past year has taught us that balancing our professional and personal life can be difficult, but it's essential. A good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, such as a lower risk of burnout and a better sense of well-being. Encourance is aimed to foster its users' state of equilibrium by tracking their progress of meditation.

What it does 💻

It is easy to get lost in our busy schedules and everyday responsibilities that we often forget to take a break and breathe. Our mission is to shine light on the importance of mindfulness in regards of mental health wellness.


Encourance consists of a meditation timer that the user can set for how many hours/minutes they wish to practice meditation. The activity on the timer feature would be stored into a database and showcased in the user's profile.


The profile page showcases the user's meditation statistics: the total number of hours they meditated in the current week and day, as well as and the total number of meditation sessions and hours overall.


The resources section puts together most up-to-date and reliable mental health information, virtual peer support groups, and advocacy organizations to help users navigate and reach out for help if needed.

How we built it ⚙️

We built Encourance using HTML5 and CSS for the front end, Python (Flask) and JavaScript for the back end, as well as GitHub and VSCode (LiveShare) for source code management.

Challenges we ran into 🦟

It is our first time attending a hackathon, so there were a lot of challenges on the way.We had difficulties with making our css code modular with Flask. All the css code is jammed into one file at the moment, which can get very unnecessarily hard to maintain once we add more features to the web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

Our team had little to no experience with web development, so we are proud that we have a functional website up and running with a responsive and engaging user interface! Overall, we are proud that we learned web development fundamentals using Flask with CSS and HTML in less than 2 hours.

What's next for Encourance 🧘

This can very possibly be developed into a mobile application with a responsive and engaging user interface Overall, we are proud that we learned web development fundamentals using Flask with CSS and HTML in less than 2 hours. to reach a larger group of audience.

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