Drawing from our shared re-learning experiences during remote learning, we noticed a significant challenge in finding the perfect studying environment. We collectively shared our best methods for studying, including hearing motivational quotes, listening to some ASMR, and using the Pomodoro technique and put it all into one space for students of all ages.

What it does

Our project is a chrome extension that students can download and pin near their search bar. When clicked on, motivational quotes will appear on the bottom of the pop up and change every few seconds. Additionally, users have the option to hear soothing AMSR sounds, such as pencil writing, rain, and typing. To top it all off, user can use the engrained Pomodoro timer that is the recommended studying strategy for best studying results.

How we built it

The chrome extension was built with JSON and JavaScript technologies. On the extension pop up, the ASMR sounds was created with HTML and CSS, the timer was implemented with JavaScript, and the motivational quotes slide show was built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

For many members of our team, this sort of of project was out of our skillset. None of our members had ever built a chrome extension, and for many of us, it was the first time with front end web development. About halfway through our process, we restarted our project with a new idea, which we believed would fit the theme better and work better for our members. We also had many issues with formatting our extension to fit all of our features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After many hours of debugging, we were able to format the features in the way we desired and even created a carousel of motivational quotes. We also designed our chrome extension with a cute icon.

What we learned

All of our members dabbled in some areas of programming that we haven't before whether it was new languages or technologies.

What's next for Study Space

In the future, we can look towards designing the chrome extension more aesthetically and with more study features that all can enjoy.

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