As college students, we often watch lectures on youtube to learn course concepts. Often watching an hour long lecture for one definition isn't the most effective use of time so we sought to speed that up.

What it does

You can search and fuzzy search through closed captions of lecture videos from youtube. Results will link directly to the time in the video in which that phrase.

How we built it

We used elastic-search for the backend and angularjs running through ionic for the front end. The front end

Challenges we ran into

Setting up elastic search had a pretty steep learning curve. We also needed to enable cross-resource sharing to be able to interact with it.

What we learned

We had never worked with elastic search or ionic so we definitely learned from the ground up on those. We also had limited angular experience so we learned a lot more about how to use that for front end development.

What's next for Encounter

Including self-uploaded lectures, and adding more content to our search database.

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