I wanted to solve the problem of transferring secrets using the public blockchain and NFT

What it does

This project solves the transfer of a secret between an issuer and a customer using NFT on the public blockchain and IPFS / Filecoin to store encrypted information. Everything is built on the principle of asymmetric cryptography - we encrypt with a public key - we decrypt with a private key.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Convert images to base 64 format in the browser is bad practice. The project uses a third party service for it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using this application, you can transfer encrypted text, images up to 1 MB, any files that a text editor can open

What we learned

learned how works IPFS

What's next for Encoded NFT

Continue developing to encode media files like audio, video, develop own service for preparing data to encryption. Redesign UX/UI. Develop mobile version. Audits smart-contracts. Use stablecoins for payments. Integration the project with another blockchains (Matic, Solana, Smart-Chain)

Built With

  • ipfs
  • metamask
  • react.js
  • smart-contracts
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