What if your next event is an amusement park, a fair, or a formula 1 Grand Prix, and you have to wait for 20 minutes in the queue to make a payment. In these 20 minutes

  • What if you miss Max Verstappen's overtake over Lewis Hamilton?
  • What if the ride closes by the time you come back?
  • What if you lost a friend in an amusement park?
  • What if you want to look at the menu of a restaurant but it's too busy even to see the menu at the front?

Don't worry, we have you covered, Good to see you, Enchanté!

What it does?

We at Enchanté are reinventing the traditional transaction system and taking contactless payment to a whole new level by adopting bleeding-edge technology such as Augmented reality and nearby payments within eyesight. Our primary features as of now are:

  • Single Click Payment powered by Augmented Reality.
  • Eazy navigation through the venue on the app where you can find other where attendees in the event are.
  • Get personalized event recommendations and book them right from the app.
  • Connect and remember people you met in an event without the hefty business cards

How we built it?

Enchanté Tech Stack

This app is 100% written in pure Kotlin following the industry MVVM architecture pattern in the codebase, used with proper Android Architecture and Jetpack Components. Utilized Koin for dependency injection, the app also leverages Google AR Core, Google Maps, and Nearby API for Augmented Reality, Location, and Map services.

The Backend is written in Node Typescript using MVC architecture and leverages MongoDB for the database. The production branch is deployed on Microsoft Azure.

We have used the power of Rapyd API and SDK for the payment network.

The product design and ideation were done on Figma and Figjam.

Rapyd Integration

We used Rapyd Collect along with the Rapyd Wallet APIs with our backend and app to build Enchanté

Business Model

We plan on a Tiered business model for the event organizers consisting of 3 tiers ie, F1, F2, and F3, with different goals based on the scale of the event. The app will be completely free for the users, and the users will be often rewarded for attending events.

Business Model Image

Challenges we ran into

  • The Location services in mobile devices are not accurate enough to get an accuracy under 5 meters.
  • Creating a usable futuristic augmented reality solution for payments was difficult as most of the devices do not have quick response times.
  • The database was just 1 CNF and had a lot of inconsistency initially which had to be handled in the most efficient way possible

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a ready-to-launch product in such a short duration of time.
  • Building usable and easy-to-use Augmented Reality based payments.
  • Building state-of-the-art location-based real-time updates to an accuracy of 10m.

What we learned?

  • Ideation for a market-ready business product.
  • Applications of FinTech in daily life.
  • Integration of Third-Party Payment(Rapyd) SDKs and APIs.

What's next for EnchanteHQ?

  • Marketing our product to event organizers
  • We also want to implement a Peer to Peer payment directly even if the users are not a part of the event
  • These features will make our already state-of-the-art app completely ready for the end-user
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