Impressed by the data in UNESCO Guidebook, we notices that climate change has become more severe yet little outset is usually ignored. That inspires us to build a feasible tool for every user, not only journalists and government but also people genuinely cares about the environment to reach the information quicker and contribute by their own ways.

The apps will have 3 main features: Help user contribute information and provide information and reading news. Everytime users hit report button, we will automatically link to chatbot Facebook that communicate with user and collect photos, data about the photos and its locations. In the searching part, we use google map to help user search “what happens to a specific locations” and provide them information from UNESCO Guidebook, but only users with authorization can have locked data (location of rare species, eg.). Beside that, our app can use to read news about environment.

How we build

-AS, Google map API, science magazines, Chatbot Fb developer


Most of it would be short-time demand to complete a demo app. Another one is most of us has no prior experience with Java, Android Studio, XML or Geny motion.

Proud of sth (about the product, about the team spirit) It is our privellege to join in this hack and challenge ourselves to create an app We are proud of the team spirit and the potential of the app.


Coding and team-working experience. Java, Android Studio usage.

What’s next

The short-term goal of us is to fulfill data from UNESCO guidebook to enCare. We are also trying to build a feature to verify information that users provided so that our app could be more reliable for journalist

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