Students these days face enormous amounts of stress in their daily lives. With the combination of numerous extracurricular activities, huge amounts of homework, and increasingly difficult classes, it can be really hard to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Additionally, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain one's workload, let alone remember what to eat and when to exercise with all the activities one so chooses to do.

What it does

This app faces all the problems of a busy schedule and allows for students to learn time-management and prioritization skills, as well as keeping kids afloat in stressful times. The app reminds you of how much you have slept, lets you record your classes, and rank how stressful they are. It also provides general nutritional information targeted for one's age group and will track how much you exercise per day.

How we built it

We originally downloaded xCode and began building Enable as an IOS app, but after a long and slow learning process, we decided to switch to Android Studio. Using Java, xml files, and Android Studio's app development environment, we worked together to code the pieces into place. We also used Sketch for design elements and researched online for the informational pages.

Challenges we ran into

No matter how many tutorials we took, xCode would insist that our code had ridiculous numbers of errors. Android Studio seemed little different, but somehow had significantly less unsolvable issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The elegant design combined with an efficient record-keeping is extremely important and we're very proud of achieving that with this app. We're also proud to be addressing such an important issue with such an all-encompassing app.

What we learned

As it was the first time programming Android apps for many on the team, it was a whole new way of thinking, learning on the spot, and working together as a team to cooperatively build an app from scratch. The code and the xml layout files are completely different from anything we had seen and been exposed to before. We were able to achieve many more aspects than we had originally thought when we first began. Overall, it was a insightful learning experience that signified a time where we, as individuals, grew in our potential and were able to further develop our once elementary coding skills, and additionally, further develop our life skills.

What's next for Enable

Enable so far is just the tip of the iceberg of what it could be. With not that much more time, this app could record and help manage anything a student would need. Another helpful feature that could be developed would be full integration with Google Calendar and the phone's alarm. With more in depth research on nutrition and exercise, enable could help to plan out a students meals, and encourage them to exercise by adding a points system that they can use to compete with their friends! Speaking of friends, Enable could also be used for friends to work around busy schedules to find time to study, hang out, of even just talk. Enable it the ultimate app, combining everything that is needed to maintain a happy, healthy, lifestyle.

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