EN ROUTE ― Your ultimate companion for Evernote

EN ROUTE is a revolutionary app fully integrated with Evernote that allows you to create the flow for all kind of things you connected with. And you can add custom attributes and specific tools that are relevant for each step of the flow.

Build your own flow

You can build:

  • your own Getting Things Done workflow;
  • a spaced repetition protocol for learning;
  • a better workflow that suits your clients;
  • your custom process of reading books;
  • wine tasting journal with different rating systems;
  • workout protocol;
  • and any other flow that reflect the way you work, organize and handle things!

Easy to use

  1. ↓ Swipe down on a notebook to create or edit flow
  2. Create a flow of states, that you think reflect the nature of your activity, i.e. for task management: inbox → to-do in future → to do right now → in process → finished

  3. Drag and Drop attributes and tools to each state of the flow, that you think are relevant.

  4. You can specify the key attributes, that always will be on top of the note card, and secondary attributes that will be placed inside the note.

  5. Inside a notebook, ↓ Swipe down on a note to quickly edit some key attributes, or click, to see everything.

  6. When you think it's time for a note to go to the next state, just ⇄ swipe it right or left.

Be updated - while EN ROUTE

You can also add special attributes and tools to your notebooks, that will always keep your notebooks alive. Without opening a notebook, you can instantly answer questions, like what your average rating for Books? Or what those last 3 things you should really do today in Tasks?

Check our website: f1ow.com/enroute

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