Only the second half of 2020, approximately 5 million girls and women were victims of sexual crimes and/or street harrasment. Being women in STEM, our project was meant to transmit our daily struggles whether our professor calling us girls to random men catcalling us on the street. Doing so in a game, we try to make the player empathize with the protagonist and, as the game states, spend a day in their shoes.

What it does

This visual novel walks you through the the day of a woman in STEM, where the choices you make affect the future of the character. It has a built in prototype of a probability mechanic, what it does is that it is based on real data and probability. For example, if you play the women in stem storyline, this adds up the probability of an event of being cat called in the street.

How we built it

For the development of this game we used the visual nivel engine Ren’Py and for our characters we used Procreate.

Challenges we ran into

Being a team, we decided to split the coding of the scenes so each member had one scene assigned. Unfortunately, our engine crashed multiple times when we decided to merge our codes. At last, only one person was responsible for the coding of the novel. The probability mechanic is also lacking functionality, but we did our best to implement it in the protoype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Due to the lack of time, we are really impressed at how it turned out. We really think that our drawings and our text transmit the message we want everyone to hear but with the help of Ren’py we can guarantee we will be heard.

What we learned

We learned how to use the ren'py engine in a very short amount of time. How to create the scripts, dialogue, multiple options, personalization, etc. We also learned how to construct a Pitch Bible from scratch.

What's next for En mis zapatos-Videojuego

Next, we would like to take the probability game mechanics to the next level. Making the walkthrough a different exeperience for everyone. We would also like to include different storylines to live a day in the life of different people. Based in their real stories.

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