in an online course I am taking on how to chose what idea to carry out of the 10000 ideas you have, especially in times like this, we had to do an exercise in which we listed 7 passions, 7 problems and 7 fears. I found a common factor in my fears... I am fearful of dying, especially dying alone.

COVID-19 has made us all face challenges we never thought of. In my case, I have been forced to face my fear of loneliness and the realization that the only certainty we have in life is death.

That same day, I saw 2 powerful stories on CNN of people loosing their loved ones and not being able to be with them in their last hours or celebrating their lives like we are used to. This is when the idea of doing En Memoir came to my mind.

What it does

En Memoir is a digital platform that lets us host digital memorials for those who have passed. Due to our current circumstances, memorials and funerals are not being carried out leaving family members with a bigger grief and guilt of not being able to be with their loved ones physically or celebrate their lives. En Memoir will virtually gather everyone and have personalize and occasion - appropriate feature to alleviate grief and bring families to have closure together.

How I built it

En Memoir is right now an idea on prototype in The plan is to do a web mobile app that resembles a mix between the famous wedding website "The Knot", has interactive features like house party and lets everyone connect on video and record like zoom.

Challenges I ran into

Death is not attractive or easy to talk about. We do not like thinking or planing for it. I also never thought I would ever build or come up with something like this, however, I am being called to serve those who are suffering from all the consequences, short and long term, COVID-19 is having, and this is a powerful way to alleviate instant grief and long term mental wellbeing.

I am not super techy. I love doing it everything myself but unfortunately I can't built websites or apps so I need help and we are looking for people to help us build this product!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am super proud to be facing my own fears and create a solution around them. I am also super proud that I managed to do a prototype and WIX page in 1 day :)

What I learned

We tend to think we need an enormous amount of experience in the industry or field we can bring value in. However, this exercise showed me and this project is showing me that what we need is drive, passion and the best intentions to bring about change and serve the community.

What's next for En Memoir

En Memoir is ready to get built in the Global Hack! We need to start connecting families virtually to celebrate the lives of the love ones they have lost.

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