When I applied for college and my first job...We had to send sensitive information via email that included social security numbers, banking credentials, and other private data, but we did not know how to protect ourselves from bad actors.

What it does

The Chrome extension reads in the user information and their unique encryption key, then xors the two keys using One Time Pad Encryption. The user's encrypted information is displayed in a convenient pop-up window and can be easily decrypted with the same key in the same application.

How we built it

We made the GUI using CSS and HTML, then we implemented the xor operation in a JS file that is called when the application's input boxes are filled.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we wanted to have the user upload a file of their encryption key but this was very complicated and make the app less convenient for the user. Also, the CSS styling was difficult to maintain across iOS and Windows systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The GUI is clean and simple and the app functions like we wanted it to! This was our first Web Application.

What we learned

We learned JS, CSS, Chrome Extension, and HTML skills, but more importantly we learned how to leverage each other's skills and work together in order to come up with a project that made us all feel proud.

What's next for En Crypt IT

En Crypt IT has talked about accessing information directly from a user's bank account as well as marketing out to universities and businesses for them to integrate the encryption tool in their application/communication processes.

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