The goal is to build the best ride sharing experience for both passengers and taxi drivers in Marocco.

What it does

App provides the following fetures for

All users:

  • create user profile
  • find a current location based on gps
  • specify a maximum detour distance
  • make and offline routing
  • accept (or not) to go with a specific driver
  • accept (or not) to travel with other potential passengers
  • submit an emergency incident and send it to the closests users


  • add stop (starting and ending point) via map or voice input
  • add a requested number of passengers
  • find a closest taxi, estimate time, cost, and distance to the destination stop
  • get notification if the taxi is close to your starting point and is ready to pick you up


  • find the new requests closest to the current location
  • find optimal order of stops based on distance, detour distance and current location
  • solve stops routing task off-line

How I built it

I used ArcGIS Runtime for Android as a mapping and anylysis SDK. ArcGIS Online feature services were used to support CRUD operations as well as to provide communication messages. As a reference routing network, Open Street Map source data was used.

Challenges I ran into

There were so many.....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To build this app.... and getting familiar with android app development...

What I learned

Also, there was so many things, I have learnt.....but getting started with Android Studio was the most important one

What's next for En commun

I will see...

Built With

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