The first thought for this project came up after watching the movie Taken to start off the hackathon. It seemed like a reoccurring theme in movies such as this where someone gets kidnapped and thrown in a trunk they get stripped down of everything besides their jewelry which brought forth this idea. Being able to send messages with a location without having to physically touch your phone. It could also be used for everyday hassles such as possibly locking your phone in your car, losing your phone at a party or a big event etc.

What it does

Send the location of you phone to preset emergency contacts. The user has the choice to make it an urgent message or a non urgent message

How I built it

The front end in its entirety was made with Javascript, and the backend was made with a little bit of Javascript and some Twilio implementation.

Challenges I ran into

Pebble supports C which is what I originally used to start programming the application but things got really messy, really quick.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to use an external API for the first time

What I learned

How to implement Twilio into my programs

What's next for Emurgentcy

Being able to pick contacts instead of having them prepicked already (Andriod), and possibly using three primary buttons on the pebble to send custom messages on the fly.

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