What is emtran? What can it do for you?

Many of us do sort incoming emails into folders like 'Mails from Bob', 'Mails from Sue', 'Next company outing', etc.

emtran will reside in the notification area of the status bar and automatically transfer emails as they come into those folders('source folders') over to your Evernote.

To be more precise, emtran

  1. copies emails from a 'source' folder,
  2. automatically creates a note in your Evernote account, and
  3. pastes the copied emails to the note for you.

You can specify how the transferred emails should be placed in an Evernote note. For example, 1.You can have each and all the emails from the source folder to be pasted to a single Evernote note in the order of the date/time stamp, or, 2.You can have them in a single note, sorted per thread, per date/time stamp order, or, 3.You can set emtran to create one Evernote note per each email.

Once emails get transferred, you can read and edit them in Evernote, or print them if you like. Since both the mail header(date/time, title etc.) and message body sections of each and all emails get expanded and pasted onto a single Note, you have greatly increased 'glanceability', 'readability' and 'editability'. Unlike with other mailers, you can concentrate on reading or editing emails, and your train of thoughts will not be easily interrupted because you don't need to click ever so often to open individual emails.

If you do not specify, in the settings page of emtran, to which notebook emails from a certain source folder should be transferred, emtran will transfer them to a note in the default notebook.

If a notebook as specified in the emtran Settings does not already exist in your Evernote account, emtran will create one for you.

emtran also can add tags to a Note. Tags, added by emtran, too get transferred to Evernote. You can of course edit such tags in Evernote.

Since all the emails in one source folder get pasted onto a single Note, it is easy to share them.

The following are a few sample applications of emtran-Evernote combination:

  1. Send emails, whenever you have time to, to yourself from PCs, laptops or smartphones on the go, and let emtran automatically transfer such emails to your Evernote. You'll end up having your diary, chronologically arranged in an Evernote note!

  2. A travelling salesperson calling regularly(weekly, monthly etc.) on customers A, B, C. He/She can create, within mailer, folders 'Customer A', 'Customer B', 'Customer C', to receive emails related to customers A, B, C respectively. He/She can next set emtran, under #1, 2, 3 tabs of emtran, to automatically transfer all the emails that come into the folders 'Customer A', 'Customer B', 'Customer C' to Evernote notes titled, for example, 'Calls on Customer A', 'Calls on Customer B', 'Calls on Customer C' respectively. Now, each time he/she sends, by email to himself/herself, reports on his/her latest calls on customer A, B, C, such email-reports will be automatically transferred and get appended to or pasted to the top of the 'Calls on Customer A', 'Calls on Customer B', or 'Calls on Customer C' notes of Evernote respectively. Thus, all your records related to each of the customers A, B, or C are found in a single Evernote note. This way, it is easy to review or share(with your co-workers, boss, etc.) or edit(to add comments, to prepare for periodical reports, etc.) your past records of calls on any particular customer(s).

  3. Are you the manager to whom salespersons A, B and C report? You can set your mailer and emtran so that you can automatically get 3 separate Evernote notes compiled, one note per salesperson, with each note full of reports from one of them, arranged in the chronological order.

  4. %Y%m%d etc: In the Settings page, you can type in %Y%m%d%H%M%S in the boxes for "stack", "notebook" and/or "Note Title". Then, your emtran will obtain date/time info from your pc.

Sample application (4-A) If you type in %Y-%m-%d in the box for 'notebook', and 'Today's emails' in the "Note Title" box, in the Settings page, your emtran will create a new notebook titled 2012-06-25 and a note titled 'Today's emails' when emtran transfers the first email of June 25, 2012. Other emails that come into the source folder during the same day will be automatically added to 'Today's emails' in the notebook "2012-06-25". The same automatic process will be repeated the following day with the notebook title changed automatically to "2012-06-26"

Sample application (4-B) Do you want to effortlessly compile daily logs of your two week vacation in Cancun? Type in 'Vacation-Cancun' in 'notebook' box, and %Y-%m-%d in 'Note Title' box. Now just keep sending from your smartphone your notes, observations, thoughts etc. together with snap-shots by email to yourself. You get, in the 'Vacation-Cancun' notebook, one Evernote note for each day of your vacation, 14 daily notes to cover your entire vacation by the time you are back home from Cancun. (Do not forget to specify beforehand to which source folder your emails from Cancun should be stored!)

Sample application (4-C) In the Settings page of emtran, type in 'Gardening' in the box for 'notebook', and %Y%m in the box 'Note Title' and start sending by email to yourself your observations along with photos of the plants to get monthly notes automatically compiled of your gardening pleasures.

Sample application (4-D) In the Settings page of emtran, type in 'New Language' in the box for 'notebook', and %Y%m in the box 'Note Title' to get monthly Evernote notes of new words, phrases, grammatical notes etc as you learn. It is easy to review, share, edit and print such notes.

The above are just a few of possible applications to give you a hint. Use your imagination and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out how emtran, in conjunction with Evernote, can be used to suit your particular needs or situation.

Needless to say, it is always advisable that you run some tests beforehand to make sure everything works out as expected.

The beauty of emtran is that it does not access your email server and therefore there is no need to change your email server settings to use emtran. emtran just monitors your source folders and whenever a new email comes in, emtran transfers it as you specified in the emtran's Settings.

Are you one of those many people who have good reasons or who simply want to transfer emails to Evernote notes? Transferring emails manually from source folders to Evernote would be very tiring and enormously time consuming , to say the least. All in all, emtran is designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Try emtran, it will be a boon to you!

For Quick Guide: How to use emtran, please click the link below: http://arsis.co.jp/emtran/

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