During the talks at the beginning, the fire fighters discussion about integrating mobile devices with first responders inspired our project. One of our team members is training to be an EMT and discussed the tedious task that all EMT's have to do of hand writing a Patient Care Report every time they arrive to aid an individual. Our idea was to create something that could aid first responders and make their jobs easier. Since a PCR is something that every EMT has to do, we figured having a standard online form that they could easily fill out would simplify the job and allow the responder to spend more time focusing on the patient and their needs.

What it does

Our software consists of website that is intuitively designed with simplicity in mind. At the top left of every webage is a small button that allows the EMT to access a side menu to different sections of the form. Each section consist of input for the basic information that EMT's need to fill out throughout a PCR report such as name date etc. Using PHP and Javascript, throughout the process we are continuously auto saving the inputs from the user to a data base. Once the user has completed the PCR report a submit button at the bottom is available for the EMT to click and through Javascript we transform the data collected into a formatted PDF document that the EMT can print off.

How We built it

We utilized Github, Tele-Atom, Mamp, textwrangler and sublime to edit and collaborate across team members.

Challenges We ran into

We had numerous difficulties throughout our process many of which involved our minimal knowledge on PHP and Javascript. As such we had to collaborate and do extensive research on how create databases, format PDF's using Javascript and how to collaborate on github, since none of us had ever used it before. Merging issues also seemed to be a persistent issue that we were able to overcome through proper communication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though our site consists of the bare bones, we are proud of our UI, and the database that we created form scratch. Furthermore, though creating a pdf was extremely difficult, in the end we were able to figure out a way for it all to come together and work.

What we learned

Through this process we have learned the importance of communication and proper commenting. Furthermore, all of us have learned how to use Github, javascript and PHP databases.

What's next for EMT Online PCR

We want to integrate our database with our online form so that the auto save function works. Furthermore we would like to polish up the website and make the form more extensive.

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