1. We wanted to know quantitatively what are the factors behind happiness
  2. Journal-keeping takes too much time and it's hard to continue
  3. Mental health is an issue for many people around us

What it does

The app is fully functional with user account system, logging and analysis features. It will send a notification to remind the user to take an evaluation three times a day, and in each evaluation they answer questions to record their mood and what they have been doing. The questions we ask in the evaluation have grounds in psychology, and each evaluation is designed to be kept concise but still give the necessary information to reflect one’s mental state. After users have taken the test for a week, we begin to show how their mood have changed over time, and how much each factor contributes to happiness or sadness. Users can also view what they’ve felt most happy or sad doing. Furthermore, users can submit questions that they think would define their emotions well, and we would add the questions database.

How we built it

  1. We did research on mental states and emotions and put together a list of questions that would capture users’ mental states
  2. We built a website and database on 1and1 with Django
  3. We used Xcode and Swift to make an iPhone app which could send timed notifications
  4. We used Python to do data analysis on the results
  5. We used JavaScript to visualize the data in real time

Challenges we ran into

Shortage of time Since we are building the database and user interface from the ground up, we had trouble getting the website to work We had challenge of formatting users’ input and sending them to the analysis side

What we learned

How to build a web server and database with Django Setting up a cloud server with 1and1 The importance of having an idea early Implementing push notifications on iOS Multiple correlation models

What's next for EmSci

One of the long term goals of EmSci is to create a system that learns from the user over time and asks more specific questions pertaining to that users happiness, hopefully giving users insight into what makes variables in their life most contributes to their happiness.

Instruction try out our website

The website version is on EmSci. We got the domain name from namecheap and cloud server from 1&1! You could use "yhack_judges" as username and "judging16" as password.

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