The inspiration for Emrify's patient passport and PHR is my own life experience with congenital heart disease. I had my first open heart surgery only hours after being born in the attempt to open my pulmonary valve. During my first month of life, I had three open heart surgeries, my diaphragm collapse, and my lung collapse. Since then, I have had a fourth heart surgery to replace my pulmonary valve, repair my tricuspid valve, and close a whole in my heart, and discovered that I have a single kidney. All of that said, I have led a very active lifestyle. Some of these activities include week long backpacking/climbing/rafting trips, going back country skiing, being a part of both National Champion and National Runner-up collegiate baseball teams while attending Vanderbilt University, and playing 15 years of hockey while growing up in Minnesota. Many might consider my conditions and medical history as a reason to shelter a child and limit them to more safe activities. However, the encouraging mentality of my pediatric cardiology team and supportive family never made it seem that any of what I have done wouldn't have been possible while I was young. Nothing seemed off limits, within reason of course. This was due to trust and establishing a method for accurate and detailed reporting on my conditions, symptoms, and progress; allowing me to live the active and fulfilling lifestyle that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy so far.

This accurate and detailed information of my condition history and insights into any symptoms as I continued an active lifestyle created a framework of symptoms to be aware of without restricting my activity level in any way. This detailed information allowed all parties to feel comfortable and supportive of an active lifestyle instead of becoming “cardiac handicapped” due to my conditions. This active lifestyle I have been able to continue living has helped improve my conditions and continue to keep me in very good health. This was only possible by having a detailed and complete picture of not only my condition inside the hospital during testing, but also insights into how my conditions manifested themselves outside the hospital while staying very active. The knowledge that my history could be communicated to providers that were not familiar with my story if needed only added to the comfort level of my doctors and family. With the technological capabilities of powerful mobile platforms, we are able to modernize and spread this process of collecting and storing patient information for all patients and allow for complete histories of any patient to be created.

Childhood diseases are never an easy situation to handle. The balance of protecting that child and allowing them to enjoy their childhood is never perfect. However, the way their conditions are managed and the lifestyle they are encouraged to live despite any conditions can greatly impact the rest of their life. Powerful mobile and cloud platforms allow information on conditions to be collected in a familiar way via their smart phones. Emrify's PHR allows for patient information to be stored and collected as they continue their lives step by step both inside and outside of the hospital and allows for those insights and patient history to be shared across hospital systems and networks. That patient information is then paired with geolocation, date, and other information via the patient passport. This complete patient picture not only can help provide the best possible care, but to work with the child to give them the childhood that disease attempts to steal away.

What it does

Emrify is then next generation of patient tracking and data storage. Utilizing powerful mobile platforms and cloud technologies, we capture a patient’s geolocation to log where patients received their care via a Patient Passport. We are then able to pair that data with our patients’ medical information in a PHR to tell the complete story of each patient’s history across hospital systems and networks throughout their life.

How I built it

Emrify was built using, PHP, Appcelerator, Javascript, HTML5 CSS, and FHIR APIs.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we are facing is being able to authenticate the individual patients and matching them with the appropriate data inside facilities. Once we match each patient EID in our system with the appropriate MRN for facilities we will be able to bridge our data with that of the individual facility and guarantee both systems are using the correct data for the correct patient. Another challenge we experienced was being able to build a two-way bridge to allow us to not only import data into our system, but also export data back from our system. We also only had limited FHIR data to incorporate into our system. The three APIs only provided access to one particular patient and their encounter and procedure information. With more data to utilize, we would be able to optimize our system to best present and utilize the different data points that create a patient’s complete medical history.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the user interface that we were able to build in order to present patient information in a clear and concise way; taking advantage of colors and modern layouts to help both patients and caregivers understand the data. In addition, we are proud of our ability to successfully implement geolocation and FHIR data to allow us to take early steps to securely sharing patient information across systems and networks and tag where that data is coming from and going to.

What I learned

Most importantly, we learned how to parse and utilize FHIR data. With the high hopes for FHIR, being able to utilize these standards can be incredibly helpful as we progress and make steps toward building complete patient histories and being able to present that history to care providers across different healthcare systems.

What's next for Emrify NYP

Next steps for Emrify include completing the back end development to log patient geolocation and match that with system access and patient information. Once that is complete we will have a fully functioning product that will be able to utilize the complete patient passport and patient history information and be ready for pilot testing. While pilot testing continues, we plan to work towards a patient matching algorithm that will allow us to accurately match our patient information with that of different facilities. By successfully doing this, we will be able to solve the majority of our patient authentication barriers.

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we are solving these from the Wish List.

  • Preoperative Information app
  • Pediatric Outpatient Oncology app

kids need a fun and simple way to update their progress. Parents need a tool to keep records and track progress. Emrify Passport is designed to allow anyone to manage / track health profiles on any mobile or desktop devices.

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