Women have always been viewed as “second class” citizens. As a team of four women ourselves, we often get asked empty, meaningless questions like “when are you getting married?” And sometimes even pointless and demeaning statements like “women don’t have to study so hard, they will eventually get married.” We are at a time and place in life where women are recognized as more than just homemakers. Our interactive website aims to provide a platform for women who want to showcase what they are capable of to the world. We want to give power to women to be themselves and hold their own ground without being dependent on their spouse or household.

This project is inspired by the women in our life, who have powered through their life, being unapologetically themselves. They can be our grandmother, mother, sisters, and many more. One woman in particular that has been an embodiment of female empowerment is Najwa Shihab, one of Indonesia’s famous TV hosts. She is not just a pretty face, but she is also the face of support for women in Indonesia.

What It Does:

Our website pushes forward the discussion regarding female empowerment into the community in an innovative way, by merging business and education. It acts as a platform that can be utilized by people to shop, sell, and learn. Our website aims to help bridge and connect women of Indonesia through business ventures. Our platform also supports women and their businesses by providing relatable articles and promoting upcoming workshops.

  • Female entrepreneurs, no matter where they are in their stage of business, can be part of empunya. by signing up. Once they are signed up, they can start posting their products for the public to see.

  • The general public can view local or artisanal goods posted on our website and navigate through our website categories to find the seller information.

  • Everyone is also welcome to join the business workshops promoted on our website (free/paid directly to hosting organization) and to read our articles on how to run a business from the ground up (free).

  • The public can also promote their workshops or send in their article to be featured in our homepage by simply emailing us their materials for approval.

How We Built It:

This website is built using the no-code programming tool, Bubble.


As this is our first ever Hackathon, there are a lot of challenges that we went through as a team. However, in the end, everything went well. Our very first challenge that we experienced was determining the purpose of our website. We wanted to make an insightful, yet impactful website to help alleviate some of the problems in Indonesia. We decided to help tackle an issue regarding the strongest, but also vulnerable group of people in the country: women. As the popularity for online business continues to boom, we decided to do just that: to create an e-commerce platform targeted towards women who wish to learn business and start one.

The second challenge that we ran into is creating a website that can easily be introduced and integrated into the Indonesian lifestyle from all walks of life, whether they are rich or poor. Therefore, our team decided to deconstruct the website down into easy categories and tabs, keeping it simple and not cluttered with words, which prompts easy navigation.

The last big challenge is creating the website itself. Our group is composed of non-coders, and therefore, we decided to use the Bubble platform. It was hard navigating around it at first, but after a while, we are able to figure out the layout and find things easily. In terms of building the website itself, we found it difficult because we are not used to the various data types and data fields. However, there is a learning curve to this, from watching demo videos, trial and error, and also consulting with the Garuda Hacks mentor through Slack. One of our mentors, Gilly Huga, helped us figure out how to use repeating groups properly and effectively. He helped our team solve technical issues that cannot be simply found on the internet, such as sending a user data to another page.


As a team who didn’t have any coding or website-building background, the proudest moment we experience is when we see the website start to form and gain shape. As the hour goes by, more and more pieces start to compliment each other. It is not a perfect piece of tool, but this is a passion project that really hits close to heart.

What We Learned

The biggest takeaway from this Hackathon is definitely the teamwork. In a stressful environment with very limited time, there is no other choice then to depend on each other. At the start of this competition, we had no idea who would be in charge of which part. However, as we went along, we started finding our own roles. It is not about everyone being able to code or everyone being able to work on the website. Teamwork is about working together and trusting your team members. We work well with a schedule and task division. Some of us are in charge of the workflow of the buttons, some are in charge of the layout, and some are in charge of the content of the site.

What's Next

We really would like this project to continue forward. We want it to be an interactive place to buy, sell, and also educate. Therefore, we would like to promote empunya. on social media to grow our user base. Technicality wise, we aim to further develop our website-building skills to improve our website’s interface (UI) and add new features/buttons that could enhance user experience in our platform (UX). Currently, we are based in Jakarta, however in the future, we would like to expand to other cities in Indonesia.

Built With

  • bubble
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