Our team was inspired by both the pressing challenges in the world and the existing work/time management techniques that we knew. As many of the jobs are moving online in the future, people who wish to take advantage of these opportunities need to learn how to work efficiently when working remotely from home. 
    Recently, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, students and workers are also forced to work remotely from home and some of them are having trouble keeping up with their normal schedule. This is not good for both their productivity and mental wellness. Some people in quarantine have commited suicide from China to Saudi Arabia in fear of coronavirus.
   Members in our team had experience using techniques that increase productivity, such as pomodoro technique, time slotting, and studying with a study buddy.
    We want to integrate technology and these techniques into a website application that helps people schedule out and concentrate on their work, and bring their lives back to normal in the pandemic. Helping them get busy with work is also a way to shift their focus away from the fear of the coronavirus. Therefore, we built FocusSociety. 

What it does

  FocusSociety is comprised of three parts. Two chatbots on a website and a sleep fatigue detection mechanism.
  The first chatbot is planner bot StreptoFocus. It is a friendly bot that helps you schedule events on google calendar and reminds you to take breaks in between. 
  The second bot is a mental wellness and work strategies bot called Root4U. This bot loves shouting "Iā€™m rooting for you!" at the end of the program. It helps listen to your problems with productivity and suggests techniques such as 478 breathing and pomodoro technique that help you deal with these problems.
   The fatigue detection mechanism is a mechanism that wakes you up. However, after ringing for a few times, it also wants you to get some sleep. We planned to hook it up with a chatbot but haven't done so in the time frame.

How we built it

 For the two chatbots, we built it using dialogflow and google calendar api, and ensured communication between them with NodeJS.
 For the website on which the chatbots rest on, we built it using Django, and hooked the chatbots using NodeJS. 
 We trained the image recognition mechanism using python.

Challenges we ran into

   We experienced technical challenges when integrating apis, training chatbots, and fixing problems found in libraries. We were able to overcome them along the way.
   Working remotely on a hackathon project is also a challenge for all of us. We spent a lot of time typing messages and ran into misunderstandings. Editing videos are also a challenge. Luckily, we were able to figure out a way to work with it and we built something to help COVID 19.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  We were very proud to build an app that helps enhance people's lives during this difficult time. We were also able to learn and implement so much new knowledge in a limited amount of time.

What we learned

  We learned to build websites using Django and dialogflow how to ensure communication between various apis and website. We learned about image recognition on python.

What's next for FocusSociety

  FocusSociety could hook the existing fatigue recognition mechanism to the website and integrate more image recognition programs to help make sure the users are not distracted. It could include chatbot that gives psychological advice during and after this pandemic.

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