Given too many options and lack of data to help us informed decisions, it is very easy to be indecisive and lazy sometimes. Why don't we have an app that is intelligent enough to make these decisions for us based on our lifestyle, listening, watching and eating pattern, mood or location?

What it does

Feeling indecisive and lazy? Don't know what to watch, listen to, what to eat or who to hang out with? Argue with your girlfriend and what to eat or watch whilst Netflix and chilling? Shake, shake it! to decide.

A quick shake gives you suggestions on what to watch, eat, listen to and who to hang out with based on user's history and preconfigured data. If you don't like the suggestions, fear not! Give Butlr another shake and new suggestions will be generated.

After installing the app for the first time, preconfigure your food, music, bank card details and television show preferences so that Butlr is able to suggest based on this. Butlr also has the ability to make informed choices based on your history so if you have seen the movie or ordered that food within the last 5 days, Butlr will not suggest them.

After Butlr makes a suggestion,

  • Allows you to watch suggested movie on Sky Go or Youtube
  • Allows you to see if movie showing in local cinemas and showing times
  • Using your pre configured credit card details, Butlr orders you food in the background and gives you real time delivery status
  • Allows you to play suggested music on Spotify or Youtube
  • Automatically allows you to call a contact from a button push in app

How we built it

  • An IOS app
  • Integration with Humm, Sky, Just Eat, Cineworld, Youtube Apis

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating an MVP in 24 hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Shake, shake it motion event

What we learned

  • Objective-C
  • It is 2015, having an app like Butlr is a necessity!

What's next for Butlr

  • Integration with Esri Api for Geo location
  • Integration with Netflix API
  • Suggestion based on social media habits, popularity based on location and user's mood
  • Integration with Clover for POS
  • Integration with Twilio for real time messaging
  • Buy and book cinema tickets direct from app
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