Every year there are thousands of people who are unidentified and therefore can't be treated to the best of the doctor's abilities. Our app was made to reduce that number significantly as well as to close the medical record gap between hospitals and other medical institutions(i.e one record per patient can be used anywhere).

What it does

Our app uses a fingerprint scanner to id patients. Once a rescuer finds an unconscious patient with no identification on them, they can use the scanner to scan any one of the patients fingers, and the patients medical history will be revealed. This will have the patients allergies, medications and other health info available at the rescuers finger tips so they can safely help the victim.

How we built it

We built out app using android studio, Google firebase and adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges through out our app making journey this weekend. The main was trying to link the fingerprint to the the patients record. Unfortunately we didn't have the right hardware equipment to run a scanner on our app, so we had to make due with the fingerprint scanner on the user's phone. Ideally the patient can secure their record with the fingerprint on their phone but since android only allows you to use the fingerprints already on the phone, a fingerprint scanner is needed for a rescuer to identify the victims.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of how far we got with our app, even though the main goal wasn't completed, our UI/UX designer was able to create an outstandingly brilliant design for what we wanted our app to actually look like. It's safe to say that all of us learned a lot this weekend about android development and making an app from scratch in 36 hours.

What's next for EMprint

The next steps for EMprint would be to have a functioning fingerprint to database record. In addition, the app would need to collaborate with insurance companies and healthcare providers to provide us with the database needed to help the patients. The participation to use this app will be completely voluntary, however the goal is to get as many people as we can get to test the app in areas accustomed to natural disasters.

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