Brainstorming/Planning idea: a website where women can report and rate their job experience - if there’s sexism/racism/bad experiences and salaries; other women can go and look for reviews && connect and network with other women in their career industry to empower women website/submission/forum

bootstrap themes for ref overall design color schemes? lavender (shoutout to Lavender) warm colors navigation bar Home splashhhhhhhhhhhhhysplashy (splash page in case you didn’t get the idea)

Our Mission basically an about page Forum individual pages for companies(first reviewer of a company will have to make the page) all user reviews for specific company will go in that company’s page

what var we have on database: company location age salary rating positives

submission form Name (text field name=”name”) Age (number name=”age”) Employer/Company (text field name=”employer”) Location (drop down ) Overall Rating (radio button name=”rating”) Positives (textarea name=”positives”) Salary Reports

Narrative forum for reviews/user input private messaging/networking with others filtering function (not as important, can implement later)

SLOGAN -Work reviews: for women, by women -Women working together (this slogan is currently on the splash page)


Women face numerous challenges daily, including discrimination in the workplace. We wanted to create a way to give working women opportunities to share their experiences with other women. We are aware of and challenging the lack of women representation in the work industry because we recognize the value and strength of working women and the different perspectives they bring to a workplace community and society.

EmpowHER is a web application created by women for women. Users can write reviews about their employers and rate their work experiences such as work environment and co-worker attitudes. As personal narratives and storytelling is a valuable way of sharing personal experiences, users can read about how others approach actions driven by biases and prejudice.

Because intersectional approaches are essential to fostering equality, we urge users to consider any experiences with racism, transphobia, differences in socio-economical status, and accessibility. We hope that this web app will help women find nurturing places of employment with other women mentors.

To continue our work in empowering women and raising awareness about workplace inequality, we want to use the sign-in authentication from Facebook’s API, allowing users to search within their industry fields and compare experiences, as well as connect with other women in their field with a messaging feature so women can learn more about certain companies and how to succeed in different roles. amalia paste this in ourmission.html (in body after

what is our mission?)

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