Inspiration Quartz are helping everyday citizens in America help track voting problems with the upcoming US midterms elections.

The Problem

During Nigerias history of elections, there have been countless problems that always occur at polling units. Some groups like the Transition Monitoring group are able to bring transparency to this process by monitoring polling units and recording any problems they find. However, there is so much an organisation like this can do due to limited resources and the problems are usually reported after the election period is over.

My solution

I want to help these groups by empowering even more citizens to become election monitors at their polling units and also report these problems in real-time. Building a chatbot that users can interact with via texting a dedicated number or messaging us on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook Messenger any citizen will be able to become an election monitor. By tracking these problems, we could then analyse them and present the results in a live dashboard on our website.

What is needed to execute

People with a passion to bring transparency to the election process. We need Data Scientists, Developers, UX designers, Marketing Communications people.

Built With

  • google-cloud-natural-language-api
  • twitter
  • whatsapp-api
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