The Flashcards application is designed for pen-based computers to create the feel of traditional paper-based flashcards while affording the many benefits of new media. It includes a game-like mode, which allows students to play flashcards, just as one would while using conventional methods. Furthermore, the interface also incorporates pen recognition features that allow for instant gratification of students’ work. In addition, teachers are responsible for creating decks consisting of individual cards. Each deck may contain cards that are specifically designed for individual students or for entire content areas. In order to encompass the diversity of decks, cards are marked based on the content area. For K-12 education, standards-based learning has become the indicator of each card’s specific content area. Our application is poised to have deep standards integration by making it easier for the teacher to identify problem areas for students based on the current standards set by states and the country. Additionally, teachers can import existing word documents and PowerPoint slides as decks. Pictures can be added to cards for visually inclined students as well. The Flashcard application is being developed using an incremental release approach so that user feedback can be obtained and the product can be adjusted to meet their needs. We have specifically tested the application in one first grade classroom, two second grade classrooms, and one Kindergarten classroom.

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