The purpose of the “Empower Women” facebook app is to raise awareness of gender equality andwomen empowerment. We believe that once people are aware of the gender issues around them and the world at large, they will play a big role in improving on gender equality and women empowerment. This application is freely and readily available to all facebook users around the world (to-date,facebook has over 500 million registered users). Users can find this application through a direct link: or through (notification from) “Invites” by their facebook friends. When the user first visits the App, he or she is prompted to select a Location/ country. This will bedisplayed on the user’s page as the user’s location. This location will be used as the reference every timea user makes queries on the indicators from the World Bank data. The idea of selecting a location is veryimportant because it gives the user localized and specific data about their current location. The users have an option to change their location whenever they find it necessary to do so. The app has a quiz function which enables user to take a set of 10 different questions on genderrelated issues. After completing the quiz, the user will be awarded “knowledge levels” based on theirperformance on the quiz. (Scale: Each question is equivalent to 10%)“How much do your friends know about gender equality?” This option gives each user a chance to takea quick look at the scores of their friends in the Gender Quiz. Even though this app is not designed forusers to compete for knowledge levers, human nature is generally competitive. We believe that thescores will argue the users to improve on their scores through retaking the quiz. This way, the users willgain more knowledge about gender issues. We believe that this will encourage the users to share moreinformation and other locally available and online resources on gender issues. This App is also mashed up with World Bank open-data specifically Gender Statistics.This app also has a Discussions board option where users will be able to view statistics and comment onthem.

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