It can be hard for women entrepreneurs and small business owners. We wanted to create an application that would encourage, guide, and create a community of these hardworking women. We want to connect women to the right resources they would need to succeed. Startups like robotics may need funding or parts but the people in charge may not know where to get these or need connections. Startups for mobile applications may not need capital, just creating a user base. We wanted to solve all these challenges with one solution: Empower.

What it does

Our application serves entrepreneurs in any stage of their journey. If someone is just starting out, they can go to our Advice page. Here we would list pieces of wisdom from other users on the site. Under this is exclusive content from our platform. This would be content and guidance from people on our platform. This would give users resources and connections for every step of the way, encouraging them to pursue their ideas rather than feeling stuck and unmotivated. On the main page, users can look at the descriptions of the other female-lead businesses and help them succeed by supporting them with what specifically they need. If a user already has a business started, they can go to their profile and add in their company to our database. They can add tags that will indicate what they need, whether it be financing or getting materials for robotics.

How We built it

Frontend: We built the frontend of the website using React. We also used Ant Design as our design library.

Backend: We used Firebase Firestore for the database to store company information and advice.

DevOps: We used Firebase Hosting to host our app.

What We’re Proud of/Learned

This is the first time we used Firebase for our frontend. It was interesting to see how quickly it was able to be integrated rather than making an API.

What's next for Empower

We want to expand the timeline to be a more personalized experience. Users would be able to more quickly see the information relevant to where they are in the steps of building their company. We are also planning on adding a filtered search where users who want to help out businesses based on their listed tags can directly find them.

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