• There is an emerging market for PV generation and battery storage at the residential level. Coupled with controllable loads (e.g. AV, refrigerator), there is a lot of efficiency still to be gained with only a little extra hardware and brains!

What it does

  • Large historical dataset collected from both public weather and temperature data as well as private EMPOWER residential energy demand sensors, PV generation, and battery storage data.
  • An AI layer generating forecasts of local temperature data, load data, and PV Generation
  • Real time data (e.g. weather, battery storage, temperature) and tariff structure (e.g. time of use, demand charges, seasonal rates)
  • Optimization engine feeding on all the above data to controllable load assets (e.g. AC, refrigerator, water heater)

How we built it

  • We began by looking over the data set, then determining what we knew and what we didn't.
  • A plan was then formalized for how we could build what we needed and we then executed that plan.
  • When challenges were discovered, the team came back together to trouble shot solutions.
  • Through much back and forth, we came to an effective implementation.

Challenges we ran into

  • The actual definition of the data fields were somewhat uncertain at various points.
  • The data was in a format not familiar to all team members, much time was spent just understanding the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a robust technical, business, and use case aware solution to the proposed problem.
  • We had a fun time throughout the day and we all learned a new thing or two!

What we learned

  • Knowing the dataset fields and their exact definition from the onset is critical
  • Agreeing as a team before hand with respect to what tools (e.g. python, pandas) will be used

What's next for EMPOWER

  • EMPOWER will take what they learned here, and some of the code which was developed, and incorporate it into their full system which currently controls one real residential home and will soon control a small collection of residential homes through their custom made hardware solutions.

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