The complex knowledge needed to invest in stocks is only known by certain masses of society and hence not everyone can boldly venture into the stock market. We want to change this using technology.

What it does

It uses sentiment analysis to select top 200 stocks. Using BlackRock API, we have sorted them into 5 best stocks based on willingness of the customers of taking risks.

How I built it

We used natural language processing based API to mine for top 200 stocks having positive vibe. Then, we passed these stocks through a more robust performance data- BlackRock Aladin API to rank the mined stocks based on their risk factors. We used GUI and Python to build our model and interface it.

Challenges I ran into

Being from a non CS/non finance background, it was difficult for us to conceive of a functional prototype touching these fields and be actual helpful to the consumer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We succeeded in building a modest functional prototype yielding some real time value to the consumer.

What I learned

Put together existing cool tools to built awesome functional prototypes.

What's next for Empower

Empower is just a start of new ways of stock market trading . It will increase in investment from common man resulting in rapid market growth.

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