Increase in online shopping has forced many stores like Forever 21 to close stores and move to e-retail, the social aspect of shopping offline cannot be found on sites like Amazon. We can also not find platforms that let users trade, sell, purchase personal items which will help improve the social experience. Replace the media in social media with products, utilizing the newly rising concept of social shopping. (

What it does

It is a platform where users can make accounts and upload a list of personal belongings they want to share with their followers/friends online. It provides an inventory and wants to implement trading options, selling and purchase of personal belongings. Later implementations and updates will involve in app chatting and in built smooth social experience. The database of users is run through a clustering algorithm which will help suggest new followers based on items in the inventory.

How I built it

Built the website using React and using firebase SDK for RealtimeDatabase and Authentication. The clustering was using a version of k means clustering algorithm with the script running in Python to update the database with the cluster of users which can then be used to suggest users.

Challenges I ran into

Me and my teammates had very basic knowledge of React and Databases, and limited time as 2 of our teammates had to attend their jobs this morning. So, the most difficult challenge was dividing tasks, learning on time and basically managing the time. Compared to the competitors we had just around 25 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pretty confident about how to build smooth UI web apps and integrate the database functionality, can provide secure logins and also learnt how scripts can be used to modify data using machine learning algorithms.

What I learned

Proficiency in web dev and learning about finding right datasets and cleaning the data from clutter.

What's next for Emporum

Emporum if headed in the right direction will be the future of shopping online as it has the potential to blow up in the global market as e-commerce is growing and as more and more people want to share their everyday life online.

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