The three of us all enjoy shopping, but we realized that it took a lot more time than necessary to find the best deals online. We would have to search for different retailers, find the products we want and compare prices, and then finally buy them. We thought that with the expansive environment of virtual reality, it was possible to provide all the information we need to make quick and informed shopping decisions.

By using the open API’s of e-commerce platforms, Emporium takes existing information about products and displays necessary information for shoppers in virtual reality such as availability, price, shipping costs, and shipping location. Emporium collects data from these various sources and provides a user-friendly environment in which the consumer can compare prices and make decisions on where to buy their products. Our code also interprets the data and provides visuals such as graphs to display crucial information such as average prices and shipping costs across different online shopping platforms.

The biggest problem that we faced was the fact that VR was a relatively new medium, so technicalities such as movement and user input are very difficult to implement, as these methods have not been fully established yet. We had to find a way to work around those features without compromising our product. We’re very proud of what we built, as well as how we found enough time to enjoy the awesome food around UCSB. In the future, we would allow Emporium to provide more information from a greater number of retailers, as well as improve the UI and data visualization.

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