When an immigrant is searching for a job in Finland, often one needs to satisfy to anything being offered, no matter the previous education. In the same time many domains, especially within knowledge work are in desperate need of skilled people. Our application narrows this gap between employers and employees. Employers can put up mentoring programs to job market “työmarkkinatori”. With the mentoring program an employee can onboard to Finnish work culture, network, and to have one’s skills updated. Employers get to know and meet potential new hires, and also contribute to the greater good.

EMPLR connects mentors willing to train immigrants for a job they are interested in. This also makes it easier for students and other people trying to enter the job market to connect with mentors and training they might need.

How we built it

The app itself is built with React Native so we can run native code on Android and iOS. For managing the mentoree-applications we built a web-app for the ones offering training / mentoring, the employers. Through this interface employers can accept mentoring applicants. Backend is a node.js server which offers APIs for the mobile-app as well as to the employers. It also integrates to Udacity course data to provide training suggestions.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to find a suitable segment of the wide landscape of unemployment. We became quite soon aware that we’re not the first ones trying to crack this nut. When looking into previous submissions around the subject, we wanted to do something different than matchmaking of the employers and employees. We wanted to flip the traditional “employee searching for a job” to be the opposite.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made the design very fluent and simple so it’s quick to learn and use. We’re also proud of the concept itself. We also functioned very well as a team. Asking for feedback from the assignment creator was a valuable thing as well.

What we learned

We learned a lot about employment issues immigrants are facing in Finland by studying the material related to this challenge. Issues with the companies and potential employees, issues with job market and the training opportunities. We learned about the huge contrast of unemployed skill and the desperate need for it.

On software side we learned a bit more about React Native and javascript by doing a lot of things during these 2 days.

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